Friday, May 7, 2010

Nice and Easy...and Free!

I've got another public service announcement that may save you a lot of frustration if you're trying to put videos on a DVD.  It could've saved me about 8 hours if I found it earlier.  My problem is that I don't give up quickly enough when something's not working.  I refuse to believe something won't do what it should do and stubbornly I keep trying.  I think I have too much faith in my fellow human this case program writers.  It's amazing that I don't suffer from high blood pressure, but then I do have a lot of white hair (thank goodness for Nice and Messy--I mean Nice and Easy).  Finally after three days of struggling with my converter program and Windows DVD Maker (grrrr!) I googled "Best way to make DVD from mov files" and found a couple of YouTube videos about DVD Flick. This DVD program should be called "Nice and Easy" and it's FREE!

If you own a digital camera or iPod that produces video files that are not compatible with Windows DVD Maker (grrrr), go and download a program called DVD Flick.  If you need a tutorial, check this YouTube video or even this one.  Isn't it ridiculous that Microsoft's DVD Maker program--at least the one I have on this laptop with Vista--won't convert files for us!?  What are we paying them for anyway?  And get this, DVD Flick is FREE (I donated $10 at their site, but it's purely optional). 

Speaking of free "open source" programs, I also use and love Open Office instead of Microsoft Office.  Uh oh, I hope Bill Gates isn't reading my blog.  (Please no snickering!).  I also threw away my Norton's and have been using Avast for the past five years or so.  When searching for free programs, make sure you check their reviews or that they come recommended from a reliable source...unless, of course, you're so mentally fatigued from converting files that keep getting rejected by Microsoft that your hair turns white that you're willing to take advice from some guy called "gunflintwoodshop" on YouTube.  *LOOOOOL*

P.S. And be nice and donate to these free sites!

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