Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Costco Faves

What are your favorites at Costco?  I'd like to share mine with you because sometimes we get stuck buying the same things by habit, overlooking great products until a friend mentions them.  [Reminder: Click on images to see larger version if available.]

My latest favorite is the Kirkland 4-pack Frozen Cheese Pizzas for only $9.99. They're medium-sized and you can add your own toppings. I like them especially because the ingredients are relatively good, compared to other frozen pizzas. I'm always checking ingredients because Jordan has many food allergies, such as corn products which is in almost every processed food known to Americans. I had overlooked these pizzas until I read about them in the Costco Connection magazine.   
Wedding card and envelope

Are you paying over $3 apiece for greeting cards?  Even the "budget" cards are about $1.00.  Well don't read this if you're boycotting Made in China products, but Costco has been selling the most adorable 3D greeting cards for about 50 cents a card!  For about $15 you can buy a box of 30 a great assortment of cards (birthday, wedding, congrats, thank you, etc.). 
New Baby card
(click for larger image)
I bought a box several years ago and still had over half a box left, but when I saw a new set being sold recently, I couldn't resist buying it. I get enjoyment just looking at them and it's almost agonizing when I have to give a card away! Seriously, I don't believe you can find cards that compare to them being sold separately in the card aisle of most stores. The envelopes are designed for each card, too. This could turn me into a greeting card hoarder.

Gift bags, sadly no longer found
at Costco.
Another Costco find a few years ago that unfortunately I haven't found again is a large plastic "briefcase" filled with decorated gift bags.  I suspect they were manufactured by the same company that does the greeting cards.  All were three dimensional and again, I found myself hoarding the sets.  I bought one set, took it home and was so in awe of them, I made Leonard look at I then went back and bought two more sets.  To my credit, I did end up giving one set to a friend as a gift.  Hmm....usually you use gift bags to put gifts in, but she was thrilled to get those gift bags as a gift!

Here are a few more of my current food favorites: 

Frozen Organic Broccoli Florettes--$5.99 for 4 lbs.  What I love is that they're packed in 4 individual bags.

Celery Sticks -- $3.99 for 2.5 lbs  Totally worth it because they're ready to eat!  Celery is an excellent snack for both dieting and to alkalinize your body.  For a special treat, eat them with Laughing Cow soft cheese wedges (sold in those flat rounds). Just 35 calories per wedge!

Evergood Pineapple Sausage-- And are they ever good!  Maple syrup + pineapple in a sausage = onolicious!  $8.89 for 3 lbs. 
Kirkland Lavash Chips--Whoa, I--errr we, yeh WE--ate this up within a couple of days.  It's replaced Stacy's Pita Chips as my favorite carb crave.  The pita chips taste great, but are a bit hard.  These chips are thin and crispy.  $5.99

Kirkland Peanuts-- Ok, not only are these roasted peanuts in a super large can, the peanuts are super large.  What I love, though, is that they're harder than your usual Planter-type peanuts.  Reminds me of those Chinese peanuts in the shell.  These are salted, but not overly salty.  Leonard ordered me not to buy them anymore because they're bad for him.  Well maybe because he eats 2 cups at one sitting?  I am gonna buy them again and put them where he can't find them. 

Kirkland Organic Strawberry Spread-- Soooo strawberry-y and not overly sweet.  We buy the Fage Plain Greek Yogurt and mix some of this in.  Ohhh so good and good for you!

Golden Grill Hashbrown Potatoes -- Mr. E loves hash brown potatoes, and these are so amazingly convenient to store and easy to prepare.  Just add hot water, let soak 12 minutes and fry!  I try to avoid preservatives and sadly there are some in here, so we only eat these a couple times a month.

I'm waiting for Costco to catch up with Sam's Club and sell SALMON BONES. [See my blog post about them.] Whenever we go to Honolulu, we buy several trays, freeze them, then bring them back to Kauai.  They're best broiled or grilled.  Again, so good and good for you!

Feel free to let me know what your favorites are!  I know I'll remember some others later, so I'll post again....hopefully it won't take me another six months.

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