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Don't Wait For Rock Bottom to Cure Your Eczema or Psoriasis

I hope this gets read by everyone who is suffering from eczema or psoriasis. I truly want to help because my daughter Jordan had eczema from infancy and finally after 26 years, she is practically cured (99% clear!).

I think Jordan's story is typical, now when I look back and after researching this condition for years.  As an infant she had been treated with antibiotics just a few days after she was born.  We didn't know at the time that the antibiotics probably destroyed her healthy "gut flora" (bacteria) that aids in good digestion.  She received more antibiotics over her infant and childhood years for ear infections and no one advised us that we should've been giving her probiotics after each antibiotic treatment.  So instead of having healthy intestinal bacteria, yeast was flourishing, burrowing into her intestinal walls and making tiny holes which allowed undigested food particles and toxins into her bloodstream. This condition is known as "leaky gut".  Her immune system reacted to this "invasion" with the eczema. Other people may react with other autoimmune conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, etc. [For more details click here for an article, or google "leaky gut".]

Over the years Jordan was treated by several medical doctors, including dermatologists and an allergy doctor.  She was prescribed steroid ointments which got stronger and stronger.  I began worrying about the side effects of steroids, plus they didn't help consistently.  We turned to natural remedies such as herbal ointments, supplements, teas, oils, rotational diets, Ayurvedic massage, etc.  Many of them helped, but nothing worked long term. Jordan tested "allergic" to certain foods: corn and chicken, for instance.  Isn't it interesting that those two are probably the most ubiquitous in the American diet?  We thought, "Hurray!  Now all she has to do is avoid those foods!"  but no, over time she tested positive for more and more foods.  I now understand why: We were not healing the root cause: the tiny holes in her intestinal walls.
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I had learned about “leaky gut” at least ten years ago, but buried my head in the sand because I dreaded the thought of putting my daughter on a strict no sugar/no starch diet.  I kept trying what seemed easier: ointments and other, mostly topical, natural remedies.  As they say, sometimes you have to hit "rock bottom" before you can be finally cured.  These remedy "patches" that we were using in the earlier years, did, after all, provide some relief and there were times that her skin was almost inexplicably clear.  Why would I want to subject her to this horrible diet? 

Then two years ago her eczema was the worst it's ever been.  Over half of her body was covered with eczema: raw red patches on her legs, arms, torso, neck, and face. It was frightening to look at. [I could probably impress you here with before and after photos, but I don't want to sensationalize her condition.]  Her naturopathic doctor suggested the GAPS diet and we tried it, along with the BED diet. Both are anti-yeast diets.  Her skin did improve, but not even close to 90% after a year on the diets.

I came across Dr. Jason Uchida's website while looking for a new doctor for my mother in Honolulu.  I watched some testimonial videos:  and found that he, too, used an anti-yeast diet.  We went to see Dr. Uchida and he gave us the diet specifics and also 4 different supplements which are essential to killing the yeast and healing the gut, as well as aiding digestion. In just a few weeks, I could see that Jordan was healing more than she had on the GAPS and BED diets.  I suspect that the supplements had a lot to do with this in addition to the small differences in the diet.

The bottom line is you MUST heal from the inside. Steroids and ointments DO NOT heal you, they only mask the symptoms and provide temporary relief.  Jordan's condition took over 20 years to get to its worst point so we were prepared for a long recovery time.  She's now been on Dr. Uchida's regimen for almost a year and still has a small patch of rash that comes and goes.  We are both very happy to live with that since now she can eat chicken and other formerly "allergy foods" that she used to react to, as long as it's allowed on the anti-yeast diet.  Once that small patch totally disappears, she will be able to gradually add back "illegal" food items such as dairy, grains, and fruit.  By the way, as a side benefit, she lost 20 pounds!

I would strongly recommend contacting Dr. Uchida or feel free to ask me for more details because we’re so thrilled with the results from this regimen that I want to help others.  

Note:  I am not posting this as a service to Dr. Jason Uchida or and do not benefit in any way from references.  The only benefit I'm hoping for is that of the health of others.

Update 10/2017:  Jordan is still eczema-free.  Occasionally she gets a very mild and small patch, but it will go away when we apply Miracle II 7X gel and/or Champori ointment.  She eats foods that she was once "allergic" to with no outbreak, including starches and sugars.  She is no longer on Anti-candida supplements, but she takes them intermittently (maybe for a week every couple of months) just to make sure the candida does not overtake her system again.  It's hard to believe she once had this horrible rash on 75% of her body.  I'm so thankful to Dr. Uchida!


  1. This is great news. I think that regular medical doctors have almost nothing to offer persons suffering from most chronic ailments. And systemic diseases like this can't be help by drugs of any kind. Bless you for your tenacity and confidence in trying natural remedies. Too many people give up, too soon, and never see the rewards.

  2. Thanks Dan. I'm excited about the results and that they're long lasting, so there's no possibility that something else caused her "remission". I neglected to mention (and will edit) that we saw a dermatologist and an allergy doctor as well as her primary physicians. None of them mentioned "leaky gut" and all treated to suppress symptoms rather than find the cause.

    I hope that soon everyone will realize that naturopathic medicine WORKS and consider utilizing it. More and more medical doctors are accepting it and it's perfectly ok to see a naturopathic doctor in addition to your medical doctor.

  3. I'm 50 and have had eczema on and off most of my life, but the past year it has really flared up. We live in Ut so it's impossible for me to go to Dr. Uchida. Can you please let me know what diet he suggested for your daughter? Thank you do much!

  4. Hello!!!
    My name is Denise, my son and I are suffering from candida the last 7 months and we need urgent help, and can´t afford dr Uchidas right know. Theres a possibility to know which diet did your son folllow and what he took!
    Thanks I really ope you can contact us in


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