Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ski Thingy Works!

A few posts back I wrote about the Bodyblade I bought from ShopNBC for around $80 ($69 plus shipping, tax).  Well don't look for before/after pics of me, but I want to report that it seems to be working!  I haven't been using it diligently--not surprising for me--but maybe 5-10 minutes 5 out of 7 days a week for the past couple of months.  Ok, ok, closer to 5 than 10 minutes, I admit it!  The good news is that my jelly belly has flattened a bit (please don't look because the jelly's still there) and my balance has improved.  For the first time ever, my Wii Fit age was 11 years younger than my actual age after taking the weight and balance tests.  My Wii (Un)Fit age was never that low! What's more, I pigged out in Vegas and didn't gain any weight!  Woohoo!

At this point of my life I don't really care about a flat stomach except that a fat one is very unhealthy, but I am concerned with building core strength and balance.  I've been diagnosed to have osteoporosis and refuse to take Fosamax, Boniva, etc.  The thousands of patients who complained of bad side effects on scare the heck out of me and besides, Dr. Leia Melead, my naturopathic doc, warned me against them 6 years ago!  In fact, just a couple of months ago, a new frightening side effect was uncovered by ABC News: spontaneous femur fractures.  The femur is normally the strongest bone in the human body and yet there are increasing incidents of women who have been taking biphosphonate drugs (Fosamax, Boniva, Actonel, etc.) fracturing their thigh bones with little cause (i.e. low impact actions such as stepping over things, walking down stairs, etc.).  This is on top of other known side effects such as jaw bone necrosis,  severe joint/muscle pain, heart problems, etc.  I sure hope Sally Field doesn't try to jump rope!

So getting back to my original subject, I would recommend trying the Bodyblade, especially if you're not as lazy as I am (which in all probability you're not).  It's really easy to use and appears to be effective even with minimal use.  After searching the internet, ShopNBC seems to have the best deal and it arrives within a few days if they have it in stock.  Meanwhile, I'll keep you posted as I continue to use my "ski thingy".

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