Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lucky We Live Kauai!

My cousin Al read my "Soap on the Ground" post and commented that apparently nothing much is happening on Kauai.  He added that possibly the homeless soap bandit, after using our hose to shower, stole our newspaper and made a clean getaway.  [Well if so, the guy hopefully read the newspaper want ads and found a job and a place to live, far far away from us.] 

Getting back to "not much happening on Kauai":  Funny enough, I opened today's Garden Island newspaper and on the front page there were five stories.  Out of the five, one was about McGruff the Crime Dog---tracking down soap thieves, no doubt---and another was about a chicken roosting in some band's tip bowl at the beach. 

Now you non-Kauaians may be snickering out there, but I say "Wow!  Lucky we live Kauai!"  As they say, "No news is good news!"  

Because of my very mellow life here, I'm able to bring to my three readers bits of info you may have missed as you live your fast-paced lives.

Check out these 3D photos taken in the early 1900's in Japan. To see more of them in 3D, click here.  Pretty darn cool!  Remember the Viewmasters we used to look at as kids?  Well these photos were done with the same "stereoview" method.

Next, FYI, KITV news is having a segment tonight on Facebook Games.  I'm mentioning this because possibly you haven't seen the promo since you've been busy playing Facebook Games instead of doing the more important thing: watching TV.   I have a Facebook account, but I mostly just use it to tell my friends that I've posted to my blog.  My farm has gone to weeds, sadly. 

And now, potatoes!  Check out this video about an easier way to peel potatoes.  Try it!  It seems to work, but I had a few duds for some reason.  This should help when you try the potato salad recipe I posted earlier. 

Lastly, some health alerts from Dr. Oz, Dr. Mercola, et al (not my cousin):

1)  It's a myth that you can catch up on sleep.  Sleep lost during the week is just that, lost and gone forever, and it's not good for your health.  Dr. Oz recommends 7 1/2 hours a night.  Our ayurvedic doctor was more specific:  Be sure you're asleep during the hours from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. because this is when your body is best able to heal itself.  Also, from Dr. Mercola:  Make sure the room is DARK.

2)  A study has linked drinking 2 or more soft drinks a week to pancreatic cancer.  Uh oh!!!  Looks like we have to go back to hard drinks then!

Remember, everyone, if you have a health issue that you're struggling with, try consulting a naturopathic doctor.  In my experience, although naturopathic services aren't covered by our insurance, it usually just takes one visit.  [We still see our medical docs, too.]  I think if more of us went this route we wouldn't be having the healthcare crisis we're experiencing now. 

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