Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Excuses, Excuses!

Well so much for my resolution about posting more frequently on my blog.  Want to hear my excuses?  One reason is that even after telling people I'm not a Facebook addict, I got stuck playing "Jungle Jewels" for a few nights because I'm simply not able to make it beyond the third level....grrrrr.  Although I'm not into Farmville or Cafe World or any of those kind of games that are "virtual work" (planting, harvesting, cooking--are you kidding me?!), I do love jewels and chocolate, so I will play with virtual gems (Luxor, Bejeweled, Jungle Jewels) and accept virtual chocolate gifts.  Virtual jewels are free and virtual chocolate don't go to real hips...uhhh, be right back, I have to eat, I mean get something.

My second excuse is that my back got wrenched again somehow.  I'm not sure what did it: either bending down to unload our frontload washer or trying out my new BodyBlade [more on this later].  I must say, though, that I've become a veteran backache survivor.  The first time I hurt my back three years ago by overstretching, I spent the good part of the day on the floor---not by choice, but because I couldn't get up!  It cracks me up thinking of it because it taught me how peculiar the spine is.  For instance, I was on the floor unable to get up when the phone rang.  Luckily it was close enough for me to reach.  I lay on my back explaining my predicament to my then-78 year old mother (who is in better shape than I).  As I talked to her, I was suddenly able to stand up and walk around as though nothing happened!  Wow, a miracle wrought by my mommy!  "Wow, Mom, guess what!  I'm fine now! Amazing!  Yes, I'm fine, walking around the house!  Ok bye!"  Hung up the phone, sat down and yieeeeeeeeeeeee had another spasm and ended up on the floor again for another hour.

I recovered from that back injury in about 6 weeks and have twice since had similar problems, but now I've learned what to do (take anti-inflammatories and don't sit on a hard chair for too long) and what not to do (panic and fall to the floor).  I learned that even if you're only going to buy one item in a store, a shopping cart is your friend.  On the other hand, a "low-riding" car like our Toyota is not your friend since you need a half hour to extricate yourself from sitting at practically ground level and stand up, then straighten up because you're bent over like a 98-year-old lady!  I'm thinking a  monster truck would be ideal because you just have to open the door and fall straight down...making sure not to fall on your butt because that's another half hour again.

Now about the BodyBlade:  I have never been so excited to receive a piece of exercise equipment before! I ordered it from ShopNBC, who has the best price on it from what I found online. I was annoyed, of course, that Hawaii residents have to pay double the shipping, but my feathers were unruffled when the BodyBlade arrived by U.S. Mail in just two days! [I still don't get why businesses use UPS when USPS Priority Shipping costs less and arrives in two days.]

The BodyBlade is an amazing invention because it's deceptively simple in appearance and is simple to do. Perfect for people like me: lazy homebodies with no dedicated exercise space.  I read through dozens of customer reviews all over the internet and 99% of the reviews were 5 stars. Of course those who may have given it less glowing reviews are probably the lazy people who gave up after two days of trying and at least have the decency of being too lazy to write a bad review.  Or more likely don't want to admit they gave up after two days.
Look at Jordan here "working out". That's not a ski, that's the BodyBlade and all you do, basically, is shake it! I'm hoping to build core strength and balance and maybe even get to see my abs-- as opposed to flabs--again. I'll let you know in a few weeks if it did me any good...or if you'll see it at my next garage sale.

Speaking of skis, the last excuse for neglecting my blog is the Winter Olympics.  For a person whose only snow experience was driving through a late spring snowfall in the Alps and getting out of the tour bus for a quick romp in patches of snow, I sure love watching people flipping about on ice and snow.  The opening ceremony, incidentally, was amazing and despite having a budget of one-tenth that of Beijing's, I actually thought it was just as remarkable.  Interesting that while Beijing's was more  people-powered, Vancouver's was able to deliver with technology...and k.d. lang, of course, who is one of my favorite singers.  If you missed her performance, click on her name to see what many called the highlight of the ceremony.

As a proponent of global peace, I think it's getting to be more and more unrealistic to call the Olympics a competition between countries.  If a Russian is training in the U.S. with a Japanese coach, how can this be representing Russia?  This type of international teamwork is producing champions and I find that uplifting, but at the same time, I think if someone is representing a country, shouldn't they be using their own country's resources?  Maybe it's time we quit tallying medals by country because at this point it's getting irrelevant.  And that's a good thing!

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