Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Aged Eyes: Do Not Shake

Two posts ago I mentioned having an eye issue and as you can see, I am still able to see despite "stuff" swimming annoyingly by in my right eye every so often. I was diagnosed to have a "vitreous detachment" rather than a more serious retinal tear or detachment. The two eye docs I saw--yes, I was worried enough to get a second opinion--said the cause is aging. I also suspect is was caused by my jumping up and down the previous week.

I had this crazy idea that since I hate exercising and always finding some reason not to fit it into my loose (as opposed to tight) schedule, that jumping up and down is a quick way to get my heart rate up and at the same time it was twice as weight-bearing as walking, which would benefit my osteoporosis. Hmph! So much for efficient exercise. As much as I dislike Sally Field, I may have to take her advice and resort to taking Boniva if my next bone scan is not good.

As a reminder, if you suddenly start seeing a lot of new "floaters" across your vision or flashing lights, see your eye doctor as soon as possible to make sure you don't have a retina tear. If caught quickly, it can be repaired before more serious damage occurs. Click here for information on supplements for eye health as 25% of people over 60 experience this problem.

On a happier note, I was watching "Regis and Kelly" as I usually do and Anderson Cooper gave out "Crack Pie" samples to the audience. He says he's addicted to it. Being a foodaholic, I immediately googled it and found this yummy page that describes the goodies of Momofuku Bakery and Milk Bar. Gee, it sounds like a natural for Honolulu! What's more, Momofuku's owner/chef is David Chang, who is one of the most celebrated chefs in New York, and from what I read, he's Korean although I thought "Chang" was Chinese, and he trained in Japan. So hello, it seems to me he belongs in Hawaii! [Hmmm, you know how people are always saying 'hello' in that ironic way? Should we in Hawaii should use 'aloha' instead?] What's more, before learning that he's from the East Coast, I saw David Chang on Martha Stewart and he sounded to me like he was from Hawaii.

Well I must dash off to do some recycling since on Kauai we still don't have recyclables collection. I will try to post more often so stay tuned for another post soon!

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