Sunday, December 20, 2009

Avatar: $20 Plot Making Millions

Life is so interesting, I am never ever bored.

Tonight we went to see "Avatar" and perhaps partially because Kukui Grove Cinema on Kauai never shows anything in 3D, I was a bit disappointed in the movie. For some reason I have yet to figure out, special effects in any movie do not impress me. Maybe because I'm a gullible person who accepts everything I see on a screen as a given? "Yes, flying dragons are flying among helicopters, no biggie. Totally possible," or "Sure, aliens climbing massive rock islands suspended in the air...well hopefully nets were used."

Yes, the movie was beautiful and I loved seeing this new world with it's amazingly- colored fantasy plants, bugs, and animals. I just wished they had spent some of the hundreds of millions of their budget on a good screenwriter! As I have learned in the past two years as a "sort of" writer, there are thousands, if not millions, of good writers around. I'm sure out of those thousands, there are hundreds who can write a story which isn't so predictable and/or with less "holes" in it.

I've learned that there are freelance writers who can write whole articles for $5 in just a few minutes, and it seems to me that one of those freelancers made maybe $20 on this script! The old "foreign" guy meets princess and her boyfriend gets jealous plot plus "good guy" from Establishment switches sides to fight Establishment plot pretty much indicates that. Or am I just too jaded from watching TV and movies for 50 years?

Judging from what I witnessed on, perhaps I am. Out of curiosity I went to the site to check the reviews and it scored an 83%. That wasn't the surprising part. What surprised me is that each "rotten" critic was severely attacked by readers (I hope they were mostly teenaged boys) who took the time to log in and criticize the critics for giving Avatar a "rotten" review! Oh my goodness, if only those people would expend as much energy railing against something that actually mattered. Of course I had to waste a few minutes of my own precious time to log in and complain about those complainers. Too funny! On second thought, not funny....scary!

So as I said, despite "Avatar" being rather disappointing, I was not bored. I was entertained some of the time looking at the beautiful---or weird---sights of the planet Pandora and entertained at other times predicting what would happen next. Lastly, but not least, discovering how passionate some movie fans can be when their movie is criticized. You'd think they were all somehow involved in the making of it--although the possibility can't be dismissed, judging from the looong credits at the end of the movie. There were literally hundreds of names listed, if not thousands! [And yet sadly, I think only one writer was listed---for that $20 plot!]

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