Sunday, March 8, 2009

What I Won't Do For Love of Bobby Caldwell

We were painting Mom's bathroom white the other day...pure drudgery because white is sooooo boring. Anyway, hubby had the jazz station on. Most jazz music bores me so I wasn't paying much attention. Suddenly he says, "Hey did they just say Bobby Caldwell is coming to Hawaii?" I said "Nah, I've been getting emails from his site. I didn't see anything like that." Well later that night I checked my email and there it update from Bobby's website saying he'll be part of Michael Paulo's "Smooth Jazz Nights" at the Royal Hawaiian Theater at the end of the month. If I were you, I'd go to and buy some tickets.

IMHO, Bobby Caldwell's voice is "like buttah." Check him out on YouTube:

I find it amazing that Bobby C. isn't more widely known. Many people know the song "What You Won't Do For Love," which was his biggest hit, but he's written many other great songs for himself and others in the pop, jazz, and R&B genres.

I'll be at his Saturday performance with 3 other fans of his: my hub, my daughter, and my mom. This is BIG for us because we were seriously considering going to the Mainland to catch BC performing live. Thanks Bobby, for saving us some airfare!!! I wasn't looking forward to traveling to a Mainland city (unless it was Las Vegas), but hey, "Some people go around the world for love...What you won't do, do for love..."

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