Friday, March 20, 2009

"On" Kauai SIs

The other night I was watching KGMB News and Malika Dudley, during her weather report, said the dreaded " Kauai".

"In Maui" has been one of my pet peeves for the past few years. Because Maui is the most popular island among Mainlanders--especially celebrities--it's often mentioned in the Media. Now I guess it's because many of these people don't realize Maui is a separate ISLAND, they say " Maui" rather than "...on Maui". So when I heard Malika utter the dreaded " Kauai," I think my ears grew a few millimeters and despite becoming hard-of-hearing, I caught it.

"Oh nooooo it's HAPPENED!!! Now a HAWAII newsperson is starting the 'in' thing!!"
Later when I went back to work on the computer, I of course--nitpicker that I am-- emailed KGMB News to bitch and threaten.

Today I was surprised to receive a very nice reply from Malika, apologizing for her grammatical error. She said it just slipped out as she adlibbed. Perfectly understandable, but maybe an indication that "in Maui" is indeed permeating our subconscious. Yikes!!!

So, attention EVERYONE... beware of the "in"!! Don't let THEM overtake our "on"!! Respect our aina!!! (Ok, I'm laughing now)

And while you're at it, here's another grammar tip (my mom was an elementary school teacher, can you tell?): If you're not sure whether to say "and me" or "and I"... simply take out the other person to check. You would't say "Me went to the store." SO why say "John and me went to the store"? You wouldn't say "Mom gave I a cookie," so why say "Mom gave John and I a cookie"? See? Simple!

Consider this my good deed for the day.

BTW... my favorites for this season's AI: Adam cuz he is so awesomely entertaining and unique, Lil cuz she's a great singer, Megan cuz I love her jazzy cool voice and quirkiness (OMG I was mesmerized by her brown/turquoise dress this week!!), and Anoop cuz it's cool to see a cute Indian guy singing. I also like Matt and Kris and liked Alexis (boohoo, she's gone). Danny and Scott are ok, I wouldn't mind either of them winning. Allison reminds me too much of Kelly Clarkson. I don't like country music much so Michael doesn't interest me.

Back to work!!

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