Monday, March 2, 2009

Cheap Eats

Life is all about decisions. Deciding what to sacrifice: good cheap food or less traffic. 20 varieties of dim sum or ...does Kauai even HAVE dim sum??? The only dim sum I recall seeing is at the 7Eleven and I'm pretty sure it starts out frozen like what they sell in the grocery store. Recently I experienced yet another bittersweet discovery in Honolulu: Blazing Steaks. $6 for a steak plate: two scoops of rice, a generous tossed salad, and a mound of sliced steak done perfectly (medium rare). Six dollars?!!? I contemplated moving to Oahu. I had also had some Peach/Pear pie from Lee's Bakery in Chinatown--OMG so delicious!!

Another recommendation is Eagle Cafe on Nimitz near Costco. On a recent trip, we headed for Eagle's as soon as we left the airport. We walked into the restaurant for breakfast and met two families we knew from Kauai (who did not know each other). As we were leaving we bumped into my Oahu cousin and his wife. Wow, in a city of close to a million, what are the chances of that? I felt like we were back on Kauai. It was also a testimony for Eagle Cafe's popularity.

I guess Oahuans (is that a word?) deserve all those epicurean delights for the hours they spend sitting in their cars. Kauai people want peace and quiet and consequently have to pay for it by putting up with overpriced food. A smaller population can't support the large number of restaurants required to raise the standard of eating.

Since a move to Oahu is probably out of the question, I guess I'll simply have to continue gorging myself whenever I'm in Honolulu.

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