Tuesday, October 14, 2008

In Preparation for a Bad Day

I have had my last meal. Arrrrrgh!!! Tomorrow will be a very unpleasant day for me: no solid foods, clear liquids only. What's worse than that? I have two words for you: Fleet Phophosoda. Yep, tomorrow at this time I'll be cleaned out for my colonoscopy Thursday. Yuck yuck YUCK. And one more YUCK!

I've been through this once before...about 8 years ago or so, not sure (see "Age Activated Attention Deficit Disorder" blog post below). What I DO remember is that the Preparation Day is ten times worse than the actual colonoscopy. I try to be positive so I'm telling myself in 36 hours I'll be done with this thing for another few years. AND I'll have a good excuse to stuff my face afterwards too. Yaaaay!

I have to cut this short, but I just wanted to point you to Arkiva.com, a client of IMMG. It offers free 2 gigs of media storage space. What's more, you can Media Share your music, photos, and videos and view other users' shared files, comment on them, etc. I like the simplicity of the website and how you can have your own homepage with all your files at your fingertips. This website was created with the intention of helping people store important and irreplaceable media files in case the unthinkable happens (fire, hurricane, etc.). For instance, they recommend photographing or making a video of your valuables for insurance purposes and uploading it store online. Another great service is media CONVERSION. If you have old videotapes and want to put it on DVD, for example, you can send it to them to convert. Reasonable pricing! Anyway, check it out and sign up for a free account. I love how simple it was to sign up. They don't ask for personal details at all, just username and password, basically. Oh and they have a referral program. Cha-ching!

Ok, back to work. Or should I play Tetris?
Orrrrr should I eat another last meal before bedtime?

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