Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Financial Kauai Sis

Oops I did it again, I let over a week pass without blogging. Omigod, how will I keep my loyal readers this way? Those three will desert me!!

I shouldn't be blogging this week because I'm supposed to be WORKING. I have a craft fair on Saturday: Matsuri Festival at the Kauai Convention Hall. I've also been given some work online after a dry spell. As they say, "When it rains it pours!"

I'm perverted, I really am. Whenever I have a ton of work to do I tend to get right down to business playing Tetris...and now writing on my blog.

I've been debating whether or not to mention last night's debate. You know what they say about not discussing religion and politics. [Have you noticed how much I cite what THEY say? I'LL just say it shows that I'm a good listener!]. Anyway, I did watch the debate even though I didn't care to. At one point I turned to Leonard and said, "Aw, I'm starting to feel sorry for John McCain!" But no, I won't give him the pity vote like some people give Cloris Leachman. I won't go into anymore details, but I do suggest you visit to cut through any bull that was dished out. This is important enough to mention, however, because many people might actually believe Mr. McCain when he took credit for the idea of bailing out homeowners. This idea is already part of the bailout plan and Obama had mentioned a similar plan two weeks ago. Gomer Pyle would say, "Shame, shame, SHAME, John McCain!"

So how are you all faring in this financial crisis? It's supposed to get worse. If nothing else, it may finally force people to realize what's truly important in life, rather than buying 700-count bedsheets (that puka in 3 months! see blog below) or $300 handbags that are COPIES of $3000 handbags. Of course the more we consume, the better for the economy...right? But it just seems fundamentally wrong to spend beyond your means and even if you HAVE the means, it seems fundamentally wrong to be feeding your dog caviar while homeless children are eating out of dumpsters. Did you hear about the AIG employees having a WEEK of partying at the five-star St. Regis Hotel (total cost to AIG almost a half million dollars) just after Congress voted to bail them out of bankruptcy? Nice, really nice. I say let's send the paparazzi over there and let them do something productive for a change. I'd also like someone to track down those finance CEO's who got away with billions. Let's stop harrassing Britney, we know what she looks like already and she isn't costing America 700 billion.

Ok, back to work while I watch "Dog the Bounty Hunter". I'm waiting to see the episode they filmed on Kauai. He's not as funny as Stephanie Plum, but that's because he's more competent. Of course Beth looks like she is on the same diet Stephanie is on. I'm talking about the Trenton New Jersey diet (Tasty Kakes, pizza, cheeseburgers, doughnuts). I say that in an affectionate way. I like that the Chapmans have such big hearts.

P.S. Tonight I watched the Travel Channel and saw a $1000 ice cream concoction served at a New York restaurant. Gucci bags? Waste of money! Gold-coated ice cream sundae (rare chocolate, Madagascar vanilla, etc.)? I'll have to sample first.


  1. Don't get me started on McSnake and Caribou Barbie!!! I have just finished watching an interesting program on one of our two PBS stations in Denver. The program's topic focused on the Iraqi refugees who fled to Syria and Jordan and are living in limbo. Queen Noor, formerly known as Lisa Halaby when she was an American, was interviewed in one segment of this program. She is an exceptional and exquisite statesperson. Well educated, intelligent, classy, compassionate, beautiful on the inside and outside, articulate and inspiring. Caribou Barbie looks like a trailer trash "ho" next to someone of that breeding and calibre. There's a new rumour that she was seen on stage (about 5 years ago,) at a well known male club outside of Anchorage called the Alaskan Bush Company. (:
    What's very scary is that I ran into a couple of working class, "locals" in Honolulu, who are working two to three jobs to survive and they had the audacity of proudly revealing to me that they are Republicans. So they must be working like dogs at menial jobs because they really don't need the money?
    Speaking of Dogs, at least the Bounty Hunter has integrity and is a pretty straight up dude. I've had both Mr. and Mrs. Bounty Hunter on one of my flights and they are both very nice.
    It drives me absolutely CRAZY that I live in a "swing state."

    Much aloha from the Rockies,

    Colorado Chaz

  2. Hi Chaz! Well I've always wondered exactly what IS a Republican? Many are white religious conservatives and yet others are businessmen. I'm truly puzzled because the two groups just seem fundamentally opposed. My conclusion is that many people don't understand what they're voting for. Oh, I do feel (and I know Republicans are gonna hate me) that the one thing that both groups DO have in common is selfishness and fear. They could care less about other countries, environment, etc. just look out for their own comfort and security at all costs: I want a gun to protect MY self and family; bomb Iran, they're endangering our oil supply and I have to drive; deregulate everything, every man for himself, etc. etc.


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