Thursday, October 23, 2008

Health Kauai Sis

Hello to my three readers! It's blogger time! Wow, as I'm writing this, I'm watching ER and Angela Bassett just whupped a guy trying to mug her. Wooohooooo, awesome! I'm sad that ER is in its last season, it's such an amazing program. I'm not a fan of Grey's Anatomy because I'm not into sex operas much. I did try watching it during the first season, but lasted only a few episodes. McDreamy was not MyDreamy and all I could think while watching Dr. Grey is "Does she think letting her mouth hang open is sexy?"

Speaking of doctors, this week I'm seriously wondering if going to the doctor and having him "scope" you is like taking your car to a mechanic and noticing more problems after he "fixes" your car. I was diagnosed with acid reflux and oddly, although I never had obvious symptoms before, suddenly I've got heartburn and bloating. Hmph! Did the doctor remove a screw somewhere in my stomach?! Or switch on my acid valve maybe? Veerrrry suspicious and frustrating. It could be I'm unconsciously stressed after learning my diagnosis, thus giving myself heartburn. I did take 3 doses of the prescribed Prilosec and maybe THAT evil drug did this to me. I decided I don't want to be sentenced to a lifetime of any medication, so I plan to look for something naturopathic. I should go and see Dr. Melead, my naturopathic doctor, but I'm feeling poor right now (Financial Kauai Sis) and HMSA doesn't cover naturopathics. Silly of them, they would probably save a ton of money if they did.

When I was diagnosed with osteoporosis, I was prescribed Fosamax by my medical doctor. Dr. Melead, however, said nooooooo, don't take that. She told me what kind of calcium to take among other advice, and two years later, my second scan showed no change. Meanwhile bad things are surfacing concerning Fosamax. Dr. Kheng, my current medical physician, said "Good, just keep doing what you're doing!" (Which means I should get back to exercising...uh oh!) Hmm, think of all that money I saved HMSA by not buying Fosamax!

I voted yesterday! Yaaaay, first time I've voted early. I had to take Jordan to Special Olympics bowling practice in Lihue. I have a need to justify any trip out of my cave, so voting was part of my multitasking, as well as getting Costco gas.

I also went to the library to pick up some material I ordered. One of these was a DVD of "Circle of Friends", the movie based on Maeve Binchy's novel. I wonder how a writer feels when their masterpiece is reduced to a 2 hour (probably less) piece of drivel? Binchy is known for cleverly weaving multiple compelling stories of related characters into her novels. The movie over-stripped down the plots and thinned out the characters to the bare minimum. As if that weren't bad enough, the producers decided that despite the fact that Ms. Binchy is a bestselling novelist who's written dozens of popular books read by millions, her book needed the help of their brilliant insight into what sells movies: sex. Never mind that her book conveyed the contrasts between rural and urban life, the tensions between Protestants and Catholics, and the heartwarming and amusing character studies of a small Irish town. The average moviegoer would never appreciate those subtleties, oh no. Just give 'em sex, they'll understand that.

What can I say, ER is leaving, Grey's is staying....maybe those producers aren't wrong.

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