Friday, January 8, 2010

You May Be Interested...or Not

Just blogging off the top of my head:

I'm such a hermit that I haven't been into a 7/11 store for over a year and even then, never took notice of their hot beverage options. Yesterday, however, I finally discovered what probably everyone else knew (I now recall my sister mentioning this a while ago)...but in case you didn't: For $1.29 you can create a customized yummy cafe latte-type drink that rivals what costs over twice as much in other places. I'm not sure what I created, but it was fun and involved coffee, chocolate creme, caramel, and vanilla. Yummmm! (Larger sizes are available also.)

I heard on TV today that in Switzerland they fine speeders according to their income level. Whoa!!! What a concept that makes so much SENSE!!! All fines should be this way for total fairness, don't you think?? After all, $100 to someone making six figures is nothing and doesn't it make sense that he'd be more likely to speed again?

While I'm giving kudos, I have to say bravo to whoever thought of that American Express commercial with the smiley faces. Wow, I have to say that's a creative commercial that's simple, probably relatively low-budgeted, and charming. If you don't know what I mean, click here. (I would've posted it here, but do I really want a commercial on my blog that we can see currently on TV?) Oh, two other kudos while I'm at it: one to Paris Hilton who showed some sensitivity to a woman at a gas station on "I Get That A Lot" who could only afford to put $2 into her tank (gave her a full tank and some hugs). Also to Mariah Carey who did not email her fans to vote for her and yet won a People's Choice Award for Favorite R&B artist. (Jordan gets email updates from her website). I appreciate when people surprise me in a favorable way by doing or not doing what I expected.

I just found a website with video testimonials regarding Miracle II Soap products, which I sell. I don't "hard sell" these products because I don't like "selling". Pretty funny considering I worked in retail for 15 years then spent the next following 15 years selling my clothing--then again, maybe that's why I don't make the big bucks?! *LOL*

But I digress...I began distributing the Miracle II products when the woman that I was buying them from left the island. She loved the products and because she was financially able to, sold them at cost because she wanted everyone to use them. I took over her customer list and sell them at a small mark-up. I was never able to fully express the benefits of the products so I was happy to find this video today.

[I want to note that I love the Miracle II products even though I don't consider myself a Christian. If they hadn't been recommended to us by our naturopathic doctor, I probably would've been too skeptical to try them.]

Stay tuned for my next blogpost because I want to share a couple of easy and popular potluck dish recipes.

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