Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Another Useful Toy!

I have to admit that my favorite toys when I was little had to do with food: toy dishes, toy food, tea sets, Easy Bake ovens, etc. I envied a neighbor girl who had a mini-kitchen with real running water. When Jordan was little we bought her a Little Tykes kitchen with everything to go with it, and you guessed it, I played with it more than she did. If you think I grew up to be a great cook, you're mistaken.

Several posts back ("Eureka! Housecleaning Kauai Sis") I wrote about how my $20 toy-like vacuum cleaner got my house cleaner than my $1200 Kirby (whose contemporary, by the way, costs twice as much). One of my friends who read that blog post thanked me later because she bought that mini Eureka Boss for her apartment and loves it.

Well guess what, I found yet another helpful toy-like appliance! When we went shopping at the Keeaumoku Walmart at 4 a.m. on Black Friday--which, FYI, is way too late for the blockbuster bargains--my sister bought two $4 electric mini-choppers. She gave me one and I reluctantly accepted it, saying, "Well I already have a regular blender and a Cuisinart hand blender with a bowl attachment--both of which I never use." My sister, however, has a way of finding things that suit me.

I brought it back to Kauai and it sat in its box on the storage--err, I mean diningroom--table until Christmas Eve day when I was running around stressed as usual. I was behind schedule preparing the two dishes I was taking to the Kaui's party. I had shrimp, kamaboko, carrots, and green onion to chop and suddenly I spotted the mini chopper sitting in its box. See, isn't it a good thing I didn't put it away like an efficient housekeeper would have?

The little $4 chopper saved my day, was simple to use, lightweight, and easy to clean. Somehow using something little and simple--no fancy settings or attachments--appeals to me. It's low cost means low stress because you don't care as much if it breaks. Certainly a fancy food processor is probably more versatile. For instance, I would've liked the kamaboko pieces to be a little bigger, but judging by the way the kaki age (shrimp fritters) disappeared quickly at the party, it was not an issue.

And typical of the way Life kids with me, when we played bingo that very night at the party, I won nothing (I don't recall ever winning at bingo!), but the young lady across the table from me did. She went to choose her prize and came back with---ta da!---the same Walmart mini chopper!!!! I swear I hadn't mentioned my mini chopper to her, it just appeared like magic in front of me. I shouldn't be surprised since I've always said my life is like a sitcom.

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