Sunday, September 13, 2009

Digging For Gold

I hesitate to mention this, but what the heck, we deserve every bit of enjoyment we can find. I'm talking about a game I found called Gold Rush Treasure Hunt. I had a trial version on my HP laptop and if you like "click click" games, it's a winner!! It's similar to Bejeweled, but a thousand times better because there's much more to it...not to mention I'm a GOLD lover. It's an easy and fun game. It's good to exercise our brains by learning and playing new games. That's my reasoning and I'm sticking to it!

So I played the Gold Rush as long as I was allowed to for free and then it asked me to buy "coins" to play longer or to pay $19.95 to own the game. Hmmmm, did I want to spend $20 on something that would ultimately cost me a lot more in lost time when I should be either sewing or working on my online projects? instead I googled "Gold Rush Treasure Hunt" and found another trial version... which I downloaded... and got an additional hour's play... hmmmm....I was really beginning to love this game. I googled again and found yet another trial.. and on this site, I noticed that instead of $19.95, they were only asking for $9.95!! Whaaaat?!

Gee, now you know how I love a bargain and $10 for a fun albeit addictive game is totally worth it! So I paid the $9.95 and have been playing this darned thing every day. I know eventually my addiction will level off like it did for Luxor, but until then I'm a happy camper camping in front of the computer.

Jordan noticed me playing and started hanging around so I stood up and let her play a few rounds. After a while I had to chase her back to the other computer. "Go back to your YouTubes, Jordan." "Okay Mom." About 15 minutes later she was hanging by me again. I said, "Uh oh, you like this game huh?" I couldn't believe my ears when she said, "I'm jealous of you Mom!" This was the first time she ever expressed "jealousy" and I was actually proud of her. We had a good laugh and I went over to the Dell desktop to download the game for her. I had my doubts as to whether it'd perform ok on the "old lady" computer. It's seven years old, and in Computer Years that's like 70 years old! Happily, it works fine and I was able to use the same registration key.

Jordan's still occasionally coming to watch me, but this time she says, "I'm beating you Mom."

Speaking of Moms, my Mom is doing better, but still feeling very weak. It's scary that this was caused by something that was supposed to heal her (read blog entry below). I received an email from a woman who took this antibiotic THREE MONTHS AGO and is still unable to go to work due to the effects of Bactrim. My mom, meanwhile, told her doctor to "put it on my charts" that she does not want any more antibiotics! He told her, "but what if you're dying!?" She replied, "Well I felt like I was dying after taking that antibiotic!" [Note, if this happens to you or anyone you know, I strongly advise you to seek naturopathic assistance to recover.]

Next, I know it's a real downer to hear this stuff--it's like "Oh no NOW what?!"--, but if you want to have a healthy thyroid gland, read the latest warning from Dr. Mercola. He's warning us to avoid bromides and to make sure you get some iodide in your diet. Bromides are found in a wide variety of sources from bread (dough softeners) to new car interiors. Yikes!! What next!?

Just remember, I feel compelled to pass on these warnings in case you care! My intention is to take good care of my three readers! *group hug*

Lastly, I want to mention that a neighbor of my mom's, Mrs. Flora Paik, passed away in August. Although I unfortunately never had the opportunity to express my fondness for her, she played a big part in my life because she babysat me as a baby and toddler. I have nothing but good memories of those ancient times and the Paiks are a family that I have always admired. Mrs. Paik was a cheerful and friendly soul, a good mother, hard worker and good cook. Although I never got to eat any since my childhood, I fondly remember her Seaweed Soup. How unusual for a little girl to fondly remember seaweed soup, huh, so it must've been wonderful! I also remember eating "ice cake" wrapped in waxed paper sitting in her yard. It's weird but when I eat anything from waxed paper (not often, obviously), I get a flashback of eating strawberry ice cake in the Paiks' yard.

I received a very touching thank you card from the Paik family the other day and it really made me wish I had taken the time to say more than "hi" the times I had seen Mrs. Paik across the street when I visited Honolulu these past few years. So if there's anyone in your life that you want to thank, do it now!

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