Sunday, August 30, 2009

It's Bad For Ya!

Reading Dr. Mercola's newsletter is something I enjoy yet hate. It makes me hope the 2012 theory is true. Imagine if the world really is going to end in 2012, we wouldn't have to worry about our health today! We could eat all the Krispy Kremes, Angus Burgers, and cheesecake we want! We could go to Vegas every month, grocery shop at regular price, or heck, eat out every night!

Ok well, as much as I not discount those 2012 theories, I don't think we should spend all of our money in the next couple of years juuuuust in case, nor should we abandon our healthful ways (whatever few we may have). Let me therefore pass along Dr. Mercola's latest downers and directives. Remember, I'm just passing this info on as I understand it and you really really should subscribe to his newsletter to read the real deal just in case I misunderstand, misquote, or misinform. Click this to subscribe to my favorite newsletter.

1) According to Dr. Mercola, the vast majority of patients on statin drugs are doing themselves more harm than good. Statins are prescribed mainly for cholesterol reduction, but can cause muscle deterioration, polyneuropathy, and heart failure. You really should be lowering your cholesterol naturally by changing your diet or taking healthy supplements. (See blog below on how to take pills.)

2) Vitamin D, Vitamin D, Vitamin D!!! Vitamin D seems to be the key to good health and beneficial for so many ailments, from many different cancers to multiple sclerosis to osteoporosis. What's wonderful is simple sun exposure (not overexposure) produces Vitamin D in your body for free! For hermits like me who rarely leave the cave, Vitamin D is a relatively inexpensive supplement.

3) We are being bombarded by EMF's even while we sleep and this is very unhealthy. Think of it: not only do we get it from the electrical wires in our homes, but now with wireless internet, cellphones, and cordless phones, there is more "stuff" in the air than ever. Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not affecting our health. Although much of it is unavoidable, you can reduce your exposure by moving cordless phones farther away from your bed, turning off wireless routers when not in use, and using a battery or old-fashioned wind-up (do they still make these!?) alarm clock.

Click on the links to read the actual articles. What's great about Dr. Mercola's articles is that many of them are accompanied by a video of him delivering the same information, so you can be doing something else while listening. Like playing Tetris and eating Crunch 'n Munch.

And for those of you who don't like hearing all of this "it's bad for ya" news, you may disregard this post and perhaps hope to get the last laugh in 2012. I sometimes think that's the best solution!

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