Saturday, August 22, 2009

FYI: Air beds, Swallowing Pills

This is a quicky post unless I think of more to write as I go on. I just wanted to pass on a couple of useful suggestions that I came across this past week:

1) Anticipating a visit from a relative and wanting to offer a better sleeping arrangement, I thought of getting an Aerobed. They normally run close to $100 and I did see one at KMart for $89. I decided to check online despite the assumption that shipping wouldn't make online ordering feasible for something of this weight. Well guess what--Amazon is selling Intex airbeds for only $55 and that INCLUDES free shipping!! And if that wasn't amazing enough, there were close to 200 buyer reviews and it received 4 out of 5 stars!! I ordered it and it arrived in a week. It's now sitting inflated in our livingroom and wow, it's terrific for an air mattress. It's as high as a regular bed (22 inches) and although it's considered Queen-sized, it's slightly smaller (58 X 78). I highly recommend this as a portable guest bed because it beats sleeping on a folding foam mattress on the floor. The only drawback to ordering online (according to a couple of reviewers) is that if by some unlucky chance you receive a defective mattress, you'd have to mail it back for a replacement. The low price makes it worth taking the chance, however. Be sure to test it as soon as you receive it as there's a 30 day return policy.

2) Totally unrelated, this next tip is related to my previous health posting below. For years I've been swallowing supplement pills and capsules the "slow" way--one by one--and never tried doing what Leonard does: swallowing several at once. I just figured he's a guy and bigger than I so that's why he's able to do that. Something like he can carry two boxes of Miracle Soap and I can only carry one. Ok, maybe my three readers already know this and I'm the only uneducated pill-popper, but I finally learned the best way to swallow multiple pills: PUT THEM UNDER YOUR TONGUE. Sounds crazy, but it works! I'm able to do 2-3 for now. Leonard does 5, but I'm not ready for that (hmm, again the 2-for-1 ratio like the boxes!). Your tongue somehow knows what to do with the pills. It actually works best with capsules and gel caps.

You're welcome!

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