Saturday, June 13, 2009

Guilty Pleasures

It's movie season for us. This means going to more than one movie in the month and yet going to Blockbuster in addition! These are some of them that I either went to or rented within the past month:

The Geisha--this was made in the 80's. Probably the inspiration for "Memoirs of..." I enjoyed it yet was disappointed the same way I was with "Memoirs" because I had really wanted to see more about the everyday life and training of geishas. Instead it was, like "Memoirs," a sad story. At any rate, it put me in the mood for the Obon season and bon dancing! And if you recall my grumbling about "westernization" of bon dance, well I was surprised to see that in the 1930's, when this movie was set, there were some pretty unusual geisha dancing going on that could be said to look "westernized". Funnnnny!

Ramen Girl--I found it puzzling that this movie, which I've never heard of or seen promoted ANYWHERE, was given a big space at Blockbuster. I enjoy watching movies with this theme "American person out of place in Asian country" such as "Lost in Translation," "Bride and Prejudice," "Marigold," etc. This movie was ok, but if you watch the deleted scenes, OMG! It's a "whole nuther movie"!! After watching this, you'll definitely want to eat a bowl of saimin.

Up---this movie was less about "Up," and more about "Landing" than I expected. It was good, tho.

Star Trek---poor William Shatner! I feel bad for him that he wasn't given a part in this great movie. Oh well, James Spader wasn't in the new Stargate movie was he? (I liked that original Stargate movie and that's where I first "met" him). This Star Trek movie was good, but darn if I left the theater with a lot of questions on my mind. And what's with JJ Abrams and time, anyway?!?! That guy should build his time machine and be done with his obsession already!

Sex and the City (The Movie)--I didn't watch much of this series on TV, but I did enjoy the few episodes that I did see, so I rented the movie. The plot was pretty tired. Wasn't it stupid that Carrie would get that angry at Big for having doubts on the day of his 3rd wedding? I mean he DID show up, then leave, then come back. Dopey! AND that wedding dress, IMHO wasn't "all that" if you ask me. YUCK!!! And poor Steve not getting any sex from whats-her-name (I never cared much for Cynthia Nixon ever since I saw her toothless on "Ellen") for SIX MONTHS and yet she blamed him totally for his "slipping." Not that I would excuse him, but she should've at least owned up to being partly to blame. What I did like about the movie was Jennifer Hudson, Sarah Jessica, Gilles Marini (WOWEEEEEE naked!!), Chris Noth (doesn't have to be naked!!), and the Fashion, although I still think expensive handbags are stupid.

Night at the Museum--Fun because I love Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson and museums. Amy Adams' character was annoying, though.

Tropic Thunder-- Speaking of Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, I rented Tropic Thunder just to see the added features since I'd seen the movie in the theater last year. My interest in this movie is due to its being filmed on Kauai. I even went to apply for a part as an extra (first time I've ever done that), but did not get called. Hundreds of people on Kauai applied and just going through that "cattle-call" process was fun and interesting. They probably looked at my photo and said, "She's too pale to be a Vietnamese villager...and too old and flabby to be a poolside party girl." *LOOOOL* From what I heard later, being an extra was no picnic, for the most part, especially for the scenes filmed in the canefields, which was the majority of the scenes.

Religulous--Like Bill Maher, I'm somewhat anti-religion because IMHO religions are man-made and faulty. I'm NOT against spirituality and faith, however. It's amusing to me that people are so convinced that their religion is the Right One. I'm all for having faith, however, so I wouldn't discourage anyone from believing what they want to. Check out this movie, though... it's very thought-provoking.

It's Bad For Ya (George Carlin)-- I was surprised to find George Carlin saying a lot of the same things that Bill Maher was saying in "Religulous." But why should I be surprised? They're both very intelligent, conscientious guys! I've considered George Carlin one of my favorite comedians since the first time I saw him on TV decades ago before he became notorious. I admire people who are intelligent, funny, and not afraid to go against the grain to point out that "the emperor has no clothes."

Forgetting Sarah Marshall--I always try to watch any major movie or television show filmed in Hawaii. We need to support the film industry in Hawaii! This was a fun movie. I'm trying to figure out why I like Russell Brand so much. Anytime he's on a talk show, I'll watch it. It's probably a combination of his British accent, effeminate quirky style, and outrageous spoutings, accompanied by an undeniable sweetness. He plays a rock star who stole Sarah from Jason Segal's character, and yet he's likeable, even by the guy he "robbed"! Cool!

And now for a Bobby Caldwell interlude. I filmed this at the concert in March. This is currently my favorite BC song, "Cry." Interesting note....he's very popular in Japan and they used this song in a commercial there. Go to Amazon and buy his music...I consider his voice the absolute best!

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