Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Driving Kauai Sis

Thanks for reading! I've been getting a few more hits lately and I hope there are some repeat visitors other than my 3 readers (assuming THEY'RE still reading *LOL*). Feel free to leave a comment sometime, too. Personally I love to comment on websites--that's probably why I started this blog. Just one looong comment after another whenever I feel like it.

We all like to get feedback, don't we? Especially if it's positive...ok, ok....ONLY if it's positive! Speaking of feedback, a very strange thing happened last Friday while I was driving to Lihue at about noon.

Whenever I'm near the Kauai Hilton on Kuhio Highway, I remember that there'd been a terrible accident there last summer when a speeding car going north towards Kapaa hit a car going south towards Lihue, killing the driver, Colin Sunada, and injuring his wife and daughter. As usual as I drove through that area, I felt a bit on edge and alert. I passed that section of the highway and the Hilton and suddenly noticed that the cars in front had stopped. I had to jam on my brakes, veering right to the shoulder, narrowly missing rear-ending the car in front of me. I was aware that there was a large commercial truck behind me and sure enough, he came to a stop almost beside me on the left!

As I sat there stunned, wondering why the cars were stopped, I could see no apparent cause. Most of the cars were pulled to the shoulder also so I expected to see or hear an emergency vehicle. Nothing.

I then noticed activity in the car in front of me. Its driver was a woman who was waving her hands around, gesturing like crazy. I wasn't sure whom she was signaling, but I saw an "ok" sign several times and then she stuck her hands out her window, gestured some more and applauded. In my befuddled state, I wondered what the heck was going on!

I have to conclude that she was giving me positive feedback for not ramming into her. Possibly she was also applauding the truck driver behind me (now on the side of me) too. Ok, shoots, I'll take a bow!

I would sure like to know what the heck happened. Leonard suggested it was caused by yet another tourist doing a U-turn or left turn into the Pineapple store lot. Possible!

Whatever the cause, I couldn't help thinking that possibly the Sunadas' horrific accident helped make others like myself more alert. Sad, but true.

I'd just like to know what that was all about and to thank that lady for giving me the positive feedback...and something to write about.

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