Monday, January 5, 2009

Kauai Sis in Honolulu

I'm blogging from Palolo Valley tonight. It's been a hectic 5 days here so far as usual. We try to cram several months worth of Honolulu appreciation into a few days and hey, it's hard work!

It reminds me of that commercial on TV. I can't recall who was advertising (some clothing company) but a girl recounts her day while her clothes are changing on her. This is my version:

Picked up Hamura noodles, got on the plane, missing one box, rented a car, picked up a rib roast, got some tshirt blanks, drove up to Palolo, back down to WalMart and Sam's Club, back up to Palolo, ate a lot, watched illegal fireworks all over Palolo Valley.

Drove to Kailua, found Obama's vacation street, saw his neighbors camping in their driveways, picked up Mom-in-law, went to care home, had lunch from KJ's, visited Sis-in-law folks, back to Palolo, back down to town for Benjamin Button movie.

Donated at Blood Bank, bought TV at Costco, Jordan almost fainted...ate dim sum at Happy Days, drove to Kailua, back to Palolo, back down again to eat dinner at Spaghetti Factory...yum Mizithra Cheese! Drove to Kahala Mall, browsed in Whole Foods, coffee at Starbucks.

Shopped for fridge at Sears, exchanged stuff at Costco, drove to Pearlridge--no nice fabric, no Patti's wedding cake...back to Palolo, then down again to Kahala, saw "Slumdog Millionaire", ate at Chili's.

Helped mom empty old fridge/fill new fridge, drove to Kaneohe Fabric Mart (success!), care home again, shopped at Long's, dropped off Mom-in-law, zoomed to airport, dropped off Hubby, back to Palolo, watched three TV shows in one hour (Superstars of Dance, Desperate Housewives, and Cold Case).

So THAT was my five days so far in Honolulu! Stay tuned for more details!

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