Saturday, December 27, 2008

Four Days of Christmas

I really enjoyed my Christmas week this year! It's no mystery why. It's because my Christmas gift list shrank to under 10 people! Furthermore, half of the people on that short list are on Oahu and I didn't have to prepare their gifts til New Year's since I won't be seeing them til then. I probably sound like a Scrooge, but let's face it, sometimes people overdo it with long lists, stressing themselves out buying gifts that aren't quite right or cost too much. I will save the analysis of the pros and cons of consumerism for another time, however.

On Tuesday I had an enjoyable shopping day in Lihue with my cousin-in-law Rose. Sure we annoyed a couple of Macy's clerks with our mismanagement of coupons and misreadings of signs, but isn't that all "part of the process"? And a good-natured "money fight" at Pho Kauai resulted in a rather comical overtipping, but heck, it's Christmas.

On Wednesday I spent around 6-7 hours on my feet only stopping for a 20 minute "power nap", just to prepare 2 dishes to take to the annual Kaui Christmas Eve Party. Of course that did include breakfast and lunch prep for Jordan. What can I say, I'm very slow at everything I do, but I have a very healthy blood pressure level.

Wes and Trinette Kaui have been hosting their annual party for 20 years just down the road from us and this was the first time we attended, since we're usually in Honolulu for Christmas. This was truly what a party should be: 1)a loooong buffet table offering what seemed to be every dish you could think of (ok, granted, no babaganoush or samosas); 2)entertaining entertainment (so often "entertainment" isn't all that entertainimg) that wasn't overly loud that you couldn't enjoy conversation with 3)interesting guests. Thank you, thank you, Wes and Trinette!

On Christmas Day, Thursday, we indulged ourselves spending time on what we enjoy. Hubby first prepared a big breakfast while I stayed in bed alternately reading Dean Koontz and dozing. While I uploaded Jordan's and my new CD's to our computer then downloaded music onto our iPod and PDA, Leonard set up the Wii and then spent HOURS playing. He'd let Jordan have one turn for every 2 of his. *LOL* I got to play maybe an hour or so.

Friday, the day after Christmas, Leonard had Wii-itis: aches and pains where he never felt them before. (A good punishment since he didn't listen to my "Enough alreadies"!) I, on the other hand, had no such aches and unhindered went After Christmas shopping for 4 hours. Did you see the giftwrapping that WalMart was trying to sell? There was one roll for every person on Kauai, I think. Don't they know that there are other stores here? And the same for Macy's and their ladies' tops. I'm pretty sure they had enough ladies' tops for every man, woman, and child on Kauai to wear. Funny thought! And yet I couldn't find the perfect top for Jordan.

After shopping I went to my friend Mitzi's house to help her set up her very first computer. I gave her a lesson too. Very enjoyable, not to mention I left with two jars of cookies, a big bag of party mix, prune mui, and miso tako. Good grief! I think after all these years I FINALLY got paid what I'm worth!

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