Friday, November 7, 2008

Krazy Karaok'ing with a Kold

I'm still on Oahu, but remaining true to my usual hermit self, I've been stuck on the computer 90% of the time. For one thing, I've got a cold. I'm not sure if Zicam and my GFSE spray failed me. Or maybe I would've had a much worse time without them, who really knows? I can usually count on them to either stop the onset of a virus or at least shorten the suffering. All I know is this cold is cramping my style in Honolulu!

Well, at least I've discovered yet another advantage to working online from home (or in this case Mom's house). You can work while you're sick. It's ok that you feel too sick to change your clothes or comb your hair. You can take a break anytime for a quick nap. You don't spread germs to your coworkers. Ironically, I was given much more work this week than I've been getting at home on Kauai. Hmmm...if I weren't sick, I'd be a bit ungrateful, but since I'm in no mood to go out anyway, it's been a productive week. And think of the weight I'm not putting on, pigging out on Honolulu Eats. I did, however, get to the lunch buffet at Maple Garden (pretty darned good for $10) and thanks to Krazy Karaoke's Customer Appreciation Night, got to enjoy catering by Ige's....yum-oh!

Yep, I went karaoking two days in a row with a cold. No shame! My singing is wobbly without a cold, what's a little more wobble? Jordan and I usually have a karaoke day with my friend Sharon every time we visit Honolulu and that's what we did on Tuesday. While checking in, we were recognized as "regulars" and invited to attend their Customer Appreciation Night the following night, with a free room and food! We only managed to find three friends to join us, but had a great time. Thank you Krazy Karaoke!!

On the subject of music, Josiah Leming has released an EP. Please check him out, he's exceptional, IMHO. I just read that good ol' 19 Productions is trying to pull the plug on his upcoming full CD. It seems anyone auditioning for American Idol has to sign a contract which pretty much enslaves them even if they don't go on to the finals. Pretty greedy of 19, I say, considering the money they're already making on the "winners." Go to Josiah's mySpace site and order his EP... it's totally worth the money, and you'll be helping a really talented young man. You can hear samples on his site. Puhleez, he's way deeper than David Archuleta!

Here he is, a bit "raw", but fresh, when he auditioned on Idol. He's much more polished on his Warner Bros. EP and backed by a band.

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