Friday, August 1, 2008

Just a cute story

Feedin' my blog, just feedin' my blog. I remembered a cute story that I thought I should write down before it inadvertently gets deleted from the limited capacity of my braincells:

Several years ago we had a picnic down at Lydgate Park, which is 3-4 miles down the hill from our house. Hmmm, I did read somewhere that the vast majority of Hawaii homes are just 3 miles from the beach. ANYWAY...we got to the park and we realized we'd forgotten something...errr ok so now I've once again forgotten what it was we'd forgotten (at least I'm consistent!). It's puzzling to me now that I didn't send my husband to go back home to get it, but maybe in those days I actually enjoyed driving so I decided to drive back home alone to get that twice forgotten item.

When I was a half mile away from our house, I noticed two young boys on the opposite side of the street thumbing a ride. I never pick up hitchhikers, but they looked like 9 or 10 years old...cute little boys decked out for a day at the beach. I thought, "Oh how cute, I'll pick them up if they're still there on my way down."

After retrieving the forgotten item from home, I headed back to the beach and saw the boys still trying to hitch a ride. I pulled over for them and they hopped into the car, thanking me. Once in, the first boy says to the other, "See! I TOLD YOU if we took off our sunglasses someone would pick us up!"

I was polite enough not to burst out laughing and instead just said solemnly, "I would've picked you up even with sunglasses."

Maybe I should have just agreed instead, since they may have liked the notion that they looked "gangsta" and intimidating wearing sunglasses. Anyway, they were just too cute.


I would like to give heartfelt condolences to the family of Alan Nakamatsu who recently drowned while fishing on Oahu. I worked with Alan for a couple of years at my first fulltime job at the Waikiki Woolworth's. We were both assistant managers. He was a very very good guy. I have to say "very very" because when someone passes, people will routinely say nice things, but Alan really WAS a good guy. I took a lot of "stuff" as the only female manager out of nine, and Alan was one of genuinely nice coworkers who was kind, hard working, and dependable. Aloha Alan...I will think of you at tonight's bon dance.

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