Monday, July 28, 2008

Brett Favre and tshirts

I participated in the Koloa Plantations Days craft fair on Saturday, my first fair in six months. I had decided in 2007 to quit my handcrafted clothing business after 16 years. I still enjoy designing the shirts, receiving compliments, and meeting both new customers and loyal returning customers. I no longer enjoy the "back breaking" parts of the business: hours hunched over the sewing machine and the heavy lifting involved in setting up and breaking down craft fair booths.

In my excitement of making this life-altering decision I prematurely announced to everyone at my 2007 craft fairs my plans to quit. I did say at the time that I'll continue to do fairs to sell out my stock, but you know how people are, we tend to hear just the main part of an announcement. Unless you're a husband, of course...then you usually don't even hear the main part. Hehehe...

Annnnyway, everyone's reaction to seeing me at Koloa Days was "What?! You're here? I thought you said...." I was happy to see my fellow "crafters" (I'm not sure why , but I hate that term) and I suggested that I might be the Brett Favre of craft fairs. Well the reality is I have over 200 shirts in stock to sell and judging from the slow sales on Saturday, I'll be around for many more fairs. The lower tourist numbers and bad economical conditions impacted all of the vendors I spoke to at Saturday's fair.

We are certainly going through a transitional period no matter how you look at it. Our planet, our country, Hawaii, Kauai, my neighborhood, my household, and my own life are all experiencing major changes this year. It's a lit-tle scary, as though something "up there" has lined up. We can only hope that it's all 7's.

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