Sunday, July 6, 2008

Waaaaaaall E

We went to see Wall-E tonight. First of all there was a nice surprise from the very beginning because Jordan and I just love "Put On Your Sunday Clothes" from "Hello Dolly"! And then a few minutes later they played "La Vie En Rose"....of course not Edith Piaf's version, but pretty cool also since Jordan loves EP.

The movie was fun and cute, but of course I had my usual questions afterwards to which my hubby replied, "It's a cartoon." Yeh but....

What were those fat people eating for 700 years?!?!
Why must they land in the CITY!?!?
How did Eva get separated from the plant in the first place!!?!
Where were the kids and teenagers?!?!
Why didn't I see any fat Asian people!!?!

Hmm, I would love to see a PREQUEL to Wall-E.

If you like to read murder mysteries, and want to laugh out loud, read the Monk books by Lee Goldberg. I haven't been able to watch "Monk" on TV regularly, but still, it's one of my favorite programs. I love just about every detective/lawyer program, especially the ones that don't waste time visiting the personal lives of the detectives and lawyers. If I cared about their personal lives I'd watch soap operas. Just solve the damned murder! Stop worrying about your beautiful hair and cleavage too (CSI Miami). Oh and please TURN ON THE LIGHTS (CSI Las Vegas). I love to watch the process and I want to be able to SEE it. What's funny is that on Law & Order, they don't seem to need CSI's to solve their cases, and on CSI, they don't need police to solve theirs. Gee whiz, don't they watch each others' shows?

Before I go to bed, I would like to say Aloha to our Mayor Bryan Baptiste. I really trusted and liked this man. I often marveled at how he seemed to be such a quiet and almost shy person for a mayor. He got elected without being a "politician" that campaigned aggressively and verbosely, but just worked hard and quietly. That's what it seemed like to me, anyway. I'd see him at every big craft fair I participated in on Kauai. He'd walk through the tent quietly and nod and say hi with such a humble air. I feel very sad and can't help feeling that the stresses our island put upon him was unhealthy for him: the homeless problem, Superferry fiasco, bike path issue, overdevelopment, slowing economy, on and on. Thank you, Bryan Baptiste, I don't doubt that you gave your life for our island.

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