Saturday, July 5, 2008

Blogging for the first time...

Ok this is officially my blog. I'm thinking there must be a million or more blogs out there so why would anyone want to read this? I write long emails to my friends and I THINK they enjoy them and guess what.. I enjoy reading them myself! SO even if no one else reads this, I've got an audience of at least a million!

So please, if you do read this, say hi in a comment so I'll know at least two of us are reading me.

Today's topic is ....ohhhh kind of negative. Maybe I should change topics because who wants to start out negatively? I wanted to vent about how we went to watch the fireworks in Lihue and parked in the Ace Hardware parking lot. On each side of us were annoying, inconsiderate people. What a pity because until these people arrived, everything was so pleasant. Each of these parties were young families. To our left, a young family with three little boys were playing fireworks. Not only is that illegal because the boys were underage (the oldest looked 8) and looked like an accident waiting to happen, but they were in a parking lot with cars passing by them, making rubbish, and taking advantage of Ace's hospitality. After all, Ace could've blocked their entrance and none of us (40 or more cars) would've been able to park there. I was very tempted to go and say my piece to the young dad, but didn't want to be the scolding old lady. I considered calling the police, but just then it started to rain and everyone got back into their cars.

The other young group on our right wasn't breaking any laws, but one young lady began taking flash pictures when the fireworks started... pointing the camera towards us viewers. She was taking photos of her friends watching the fireworks. Ok, I wouldn't have minded a few photos, no big deal. The flash was so distracting as we're trying to watch the fireworks and it's amazing that her friends didn't discourage her after she'd taken about twenty photos of six people. I am not exaggerating. Somewhere out there you might find 20 photos online of 6 people sitting on a blanket watching something.

One of my biggest pet peeves is inconsideration. It's so BASIC to be considerate of others, or so you would think. You know.. GOLDEN RULE? Hello, that's a Western concept so these two young groups should've heard of it. What's so difficult to understand? Maybe they don't know the word "UNTO". That IS a bit old-fashioned and knowing the illiteracy rate these days, we really should have it officially changed to something simpler like maybe plain old "TO". So people please, "Do TO others as you would have them do TO you."

So ok, getting back to the first topic of my blogging. It should be something positive and fun. Oh hey, did you know that Benji Schwimmer, who won So You Think You Can Dance, was on Kauai a few weeks ago? Awwww I wish I could've seen him. Now he is one fun and positive guy, from what I know of him. What a pleasure to see him dance! Thank goodness for YouTube, go and watch him there.

Well it's very late, 1:30 a.m. and according to Ayurvedic medicine, I again missed the optimum sleeping time of day (night), which is 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. That is when your body should be resting and healing itself. Instead this body is up typing a blog that possibly just one person will read.

Aloha for now!!


  1. Hi Colleen,

    Well, at least you can say 2 people read your blog (of course, assuming you read your own blog). At least you can say your cousin AL read your blog.
    I have been tempted to self-blog myself but have always snapped out of it (or realized that once you ain't gonna write itself). I have visited interesting (to me) blog sites that the bloggers said something like he/she will be writing about such and such in upcoming months and instead have become cases for "Without a Trace".
    I've always like to write and in fact I wanted to do a daily humor column for the newspaper, as long as it wasn't everyday. Maybe daily for 3-times a week.
    Anyway, congratulations on your brand new blog baby. Make sure you take care of it and 'feed it' often.
    Good luck,

  2. Hi Colleen. Make that three people! I look forward to reading more.
    Wish I were in Hawaii.
    Good luck and keep writing!

    a mom of a child with ACC

  3. Congratulations, Colleen - you've drawn me into the world of blogging, something I've managed to evade until now. I must say, this is quite a suitable medium for you. I find myself nodding and enjoying what I've read so far. Totally agreeing with your comment on inconsiderate people as bad manners are at the top of my pet peeve list. Don't even get me started on cell phone etiquette and lack thereof. Your views on marriage and child rearing - absolutely right on, at least parallel to my view anyway. Next time we come to Kauai, we'll have to attend a bon dance - and you'll have to show us that secret spot in Wailua!
    Aloha, Sandy


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