Thursday, January 22, 2015

Unreported UFOs

I was talking to a friend--who shall remain nameless--the other night and feeling a little stressed and somber. She said, "Hey, I think this will give you a laugh when you hear what happened to me today!"  She's a very hard working wahine, on the go all day with a full-time job, helping a lot of people as well as her own family throughout the day.  At the end of a particularly hectic day, she got home and apparently finally had some time to take a breath, reflect on her day...and feel.  She said she felt odd and thought "I sure worked hard today, even my boobs feel odd!"  So she went to change her clothes and check at the same time. 

This is the "big girl" way, or so I told
my daughter when I taught her.

Well she took off her dress and to her utter shock and dismay (as opposed to shock and awe), she found that her boobs were exposed and sticking straight out. Well, as "straight out" as "boobs of a certain age" can.   Her bra was on backwards!  She hooks it on in the front evey morning and turns it around, but somehow in her rush that morning, she neglected the all-important "turn it around" step.  So all day long, her bare boobs were being propped up in the front while two empty cups were forlornly abandoned in the back.

Just the picture in my mind of those two lumps on her back made me burst out laughing hysterically.  Surely one of the dozens of people who saw her that day must have noticed?!?!  This friend is a hugger. Did no one happen to hug her and feel the unidentified floating objects on her back?  Maybe they thought she had grown two more boobs on her back (damned hormones!).  Did they decide not to question these oddities and risk embarrassing her? And isn't she a wonderful friend to share this embarrassing situation with me to give me a laugh to cheer me up!

Let me know if this made you laugh, because I am laughing just thinking about it again.  Let me make it clear that this did not happen to me.  I am always running late and rushing to get dressed, so conceivably it could have happened to me, but no it did not, and never will now that I've heard her story.

And besides, I put on my bra the "big girl" way (see photo).  *LOL*

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