Thursday, February 10, 2011

Comfort Chicken Adapts to Comfort Pork Chops

Sorry to have been away so long--or did anyone even notice?  I've been busy busy busy!  Try this simple recipe I only recently discovered.
Perhaps because this is such a simple dish, I haven't heard of it before, seen it served, and seen it on any of the food shows.  Too plain and simple?  Everyone knows it except me?  I'm talking about soft-fried pork chops. 

All my cooking life I've been frying pork chops simply with salt and pepper and it's fine. The other day, however, something occurred to me.  We always enjoy a chicken dish I learned from my mom, which is a soft fried chicken and somewhat of a comfort food.  Since Jordan is allergic to chicken, I rarely make it these days and I thought of using pork chops instead.  It turned out to be a great idea!

 I used 3 thick sirloin chops from Costco and split each to make 6 chops, sprinkled each on both sides with garlic powder, seasoned salt (I think plain salt would be ok too), and freshly ground pepper.  I sprayed the chops with oil  (I used the chili mac nut oil, but probably olive or vegetable oil is fine) and let them marinade for a few hours.  Mixed about 1 1/2 c. flour with salt, pepper and garlic powder, thoroughly dredged each chop into mixture, pressing flour into the pork. Next I heated a cast iron frying pan, added canola oil to cover the bottom.  Fried the chops on each side til light golden brown and semi-crisp (not too crisp!) then covered the pan and lowered the flame to as low as possible.  Let the chops steam about 20 minutes.  Yummo!  They turned out soft and tasty!  Jordan wasn't sure what she was eating because it tasted like soft fried chicken, but she loved it. 

Try this with chicken thighs also.  I wouldn't even worry about marinading the chicken, just season it, coat with the flour mixture, fry briefly on both sides, then cover and simmer on lowest heat for 30-40 min, checking occasionally to make sure it's not burning. Chicken thighs are thicker so simmering time is longer than for the pork chops. Delicious and fork-tender! [There should be some oil and liquid at the bottom of the frying pan.  If for some reason there's not, add a little water or broth to cover the bottom of the pan.]

Note:  Once again I didn't think of taking a photo so I searched online for a photo of either chicken or pork that looked like what I made.  Alas, either this dish is unique or else it's so darned plain that no one bothered to take a photo of it before!  I had to resort to borrowing this cartoon (I filled in the bubble) from a site that says "Royalty Free" but it's not really free, thus the watermark.  Since I don't make money from this site, hopefully they'll consider it an ad for their site,

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