Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pennan Brae's Co-star in Music Video

How many of you can say you appeared in a music video?  Well I can't, but I'll bet none of you had your keyboard appear in one (unless you're the musician, of course)!  I'd like to think our keyboard will become a star, but I suppose Vancouver's pop/rock singer-songwriter Pennan Brae is far more deserving.  And I'll admit that Kauai as a backdrop and the video babe both outshined our keyboard, but being the fourth star in the beautifully performed and produced video is pretty darned cool. 

It began with a Craigslist ad I placed several months ago.  I had to renew it a couple of times without anyone inquiring about it.  As usual,  I suddenly got three different inquiries within a few weeks and thankfully Rob Osmond (aka Pennan Brae) ended up with "Cassie".   [Yes, you read correctly, years ago Jordan affectionately named the keyboard "Cassie."]   Rob needed a keyboard to use in his music video that could easily be carried to the various locations they'd planned to shoot in and as you can see in the video, was "expendable" since it was subjected to the elements and Kauai's great outdoors.  Hmmm, Cassie got to go places I've never been myself!

Anyway, take a look and enjoy the scenery, performance, and the beautiful song!  If you're in Vancouver, B.C. someday, you may be able to catch a performance.  Check out Pennan Brae's website:

And if you're wondering what became of Cassie, well she was donated in good working order to a thrift store somewhere on the Westside, and hopefully went to yet another loving and talented musician. 

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