Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"Then You Take Your Dollah..."

If you recall a few posts back, I shared a bargain I found on eBay for iPod accessories.  [There should be a law against tHese tYpes of wOrds, and what happens if they're at the start of a sentence?]   Well that same eBay seller has a great deal on mini flashlights.

I don't know exactly why, but I love mini flashlights.  I dunno, maybe they give me this sense of power or security to have them in my purse.  The mini's I ordered, however, are not as tiny as I prefer--they're over 3 inches long--and they take THREE AAA batteries, but wow, they are powerful with 9 LED bulbs.  They're awesome to have for power outages because one of these little guys can light up a room better than a conventional flashlight.  

Ready for the price?  $6.99 for 5!  The batteries cost more than the flashlights themselves.  And hello....SHIPPING IS INCLUDED....and they arrived in FOUR DAYS counting Sunday!!!  

Okay, as I promised earlier, here are more money-saving tips.  Keep in mind that I try to list suggestions I came across on my own, not just copying off other lists.  For more ideas you can probably google "money-saving ideas."

1) Whenever we go to Honolulu, we rent a car.  I reserve something as soon as possible because I learned the hard way last Christmas that you can't always count on finding the "usual" prices even two months ahead sometimes.  The great thing about reserving a car is that you can always cancel it (and please have the courtesy to do so).  So okay, you reserve the car early, but a week or two before your trip, look for a better deal.  If you're willing to pay in advance, you can find super good deals such as $11 a day at Priceline for a major rental agency (Alamo, Avis, etc.).

2)  I don't like using laundry softeners too much because it makes towels less absorbent plus we don't care for too much scent.  I found that cutting dryer sheets in half or even thirds will still cut down on static cling plus save you money!

3) My mom, sister, and I are loyal long-time Long's customers.  I was sad, of course, when CVS took over, but now--not so much.  Why, you ask?  Because I've discovered--ok my mom discovered--the wonders of the CVS card.   It's free, of course, but I usually balk at getting yet another card.  They've redeemed themselves by immediately giving me a $4 off $20 coupon, then a fifty cents coupon within just two visits.

4) Doublecheck this one because I bought them over a year ago, but Kukui Grove Cinemas gives a little bonus with the gift certificate tickets you buy.  You pay $8--the regular price--for a gift ticket and the user gets a free small popcorn.  If you buy these in advance and use them yourself, you save on popcorn!  (Okay I don't want to hear "But I gotta have a LARGE!"  Didn't you hear how bad that stuff is for your health?  Pssst, get the free small and buy another small or medium...you still save!)

5) This saves on electricity/gas:  Don't believe the instructions on the pasta box.  You don't have to boil the pasta for 9 minutes or whatever.  I just boil pasta for a couple of minutes then turn it off and cover for 5-10 minutes (check occasionally so they don't get soft). 

As Ellen says, "You're welcome!"

I want to add that it's great and even fun to figure out ways to save money, BUT please don't go overboard to the "point of no class".  This means no mooching, no ziploc bags on the buffet line, and no stealing toilet paper from public toilets (or 20 bags of catsup from McD's, etc.).  Besides, haven't you learned anything from watching "True Beauty"?  Do not dishonor your fellow penny-pinchers!

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