Monday, June 14, 2010

Releasing Our Kraken

I thought I'd just write a quicky to say that I saw Sex and the City 2 and enjoyed it.  I would write more in its defense, but someone already did, so why waste my time?  All I want to say is that despite the bad reviews (most critics are male, btw),  I think of SATC as entertainment and escapism and frankly, I preferred this second movie to the first, except for the absence of Gilles Marini. My favorite scene was the gay wedding with Liza Minnelli.  My favorite guy in this movie (besides Mr. Big, of course), was the Indian butler played by Raza Jaffrey and I got a chuckle reading about how he's being stopped on the street these days and praised for how he stirred Carrie's hot milk.  OMG, that sounds a bit suggestive, but believe me, it's totally just a tender scene.  I've read the critical reviews and heck, we women are just as entitled to mindless fluff as men are entitled to theirs:  "Release the KRAKEN!!!" (I've always wanted to say that!).  Our Kraken is surely Samantha during her hot flashes.  (Sorry for the finger photo, but it pretty much represents Samantha as a Kraken, after all!)

So please, go and see the movie and don't be put off by critics and even if you've seen the pirated version online, go see it on the big screen, where you can actually hear the jokes and not be confused by extraneous noises while the movie was being videotaped in the theater.  [It actually happened twice I watched the pirated version online. I heard a cough in a quiet scene and thought someone else was in Carrie's room, then later a cell phone rang and I wondered why no one in the movie was picking up. *LOL*]

On to books! If anyone has suggestions for a good book for me to read that does not involve raping/murdering, excessive violence or excessive romance, please leave a message in the Comments.  I notice I'm becoming more picky about what I read and have been leaving a lot of books unfinished lately.  Maybe because as I get older, I know I have less and less time to waste on 1) overly flowery prose (Dean Koontz cannot let a man simply walk down a street without describing each bush), 2) predictable plots (of course the cute guy will end up loving the homely girl then her cheating bf will try to get her back), and 3) overused phrases (such as Stephanie Plum constantly "blowing out a sigh"). 

I still enjoy Maeve Binchy, but I've read all of her books.  I enjoy Maeve's plots that involve multiple characters so I also loved "Pillars of the Earth" and "A World Without End," except I don't care for the violent war scenes.  I'm now discovering "discovery" thrillers and currently reading Douglas Preston's "Tyrannosaurus Canyon" and "Almost Adam" by Petru Popescu.  Just in case I don't finish them, however,  I also have "Sein Language" by Jerry Seinfeld, and Dave Barry's "Boogers Are My Beat"  (Uh oh...but you have to admit, that's neither overused nor predictable!) standing by.  I just pray there are no Kraken-sized boogers in that book!!

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