Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Oprah...and to Me Too!

Today is Oprah's birthday and by the way, it's mine too.  I always considered it very cool that I was born on the very same day Oprah was born (Jan. 29, 1954)....until today, that is.  You see, years ago when I first discovered we were born on the same day, I had this fantasy that I'd get invited to her birthday party on TV.  Yesterday I discovered that today's show will indeed have an audience of people who have Jan. 29th birthdays.  Yikes!  How did I not hear of this opportunity?  So instead of feeling happy on my birthday, I admit I feel a bit sad and envious.  This means I'm having to work on my birthday---work at trying not to feel bad feelings on my birthday.

Too bad there's no product to instantly remove these negative feelings, like those Tide stain removal pens.  Ok, sure I could make myself some margaritas I guess, but aside from drugs and alcohol, I mean. [Actually I'm eating chocolate right now as I write this.]  Judging from some of the comments I saw on the Oprah message boards, I'm not alone in feeling like I missed the boat, there were quite a few other 29thers who also missed the invitation for tickets.  I think we're all wondering what birthday gifts she'll give the audience.  An ipod or camera, ok, I can live without...especially since I have those already...but I need a new car.

I'm sure you all have had feelings of missing some once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  It could be as trivial as this one, or major like others I've had.  How we choose to console ourselves is really more important and indicative of how successful we are at acceptance and adapting.  Missing an opportunity gives you yet another opportunity:  to prove your strength or crumble.

I'm not sure what eating a box of chocolate qualifies as, strength or crumbling??

Meanwhile, against my better judgment, I will watch the show anyway---assuming my chocolates don't run out---and try to be strong no matter what she gives her audience.  Hopefully she'll give them a trip to Hawaii.

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