Friday, October 23, 2009

4'10" Daughter Carries Much Much Larger Parents

I predicted that Jordan would have Beginner's Luck in Las Vegas, and she did! Yes we are back from our wonderful Vegas vacation. So much happened this past week after we got back that it feels like our trip was a month ago rather than just last week.

For one thing, we all got colds at the end of our trip. No, it wasn't Swine flu, just bad colds that I'm sure would've been much worse if not for Zicam and Grapefruit Seed Extract. The worst of it took just a day or two at the most for each of us. Luckily my bad day was last Friday and not Saturday when I had to man my craft booth all day at the Matsuri Festival then attend the Easter Seals Party at the Hilton that night. Predictably I had a bit of a relapse on Sunday, but Saturday's profits and enjoyment of the party made it totally worthwhile.

Okay, back to Vegas fun: Jordan's Beginner's Luck began with her spinning a $1000 on the the Wheel of Fortune machine. Her dad and I have been going to Vegas for 30 years and we've never won $1000 in one "pull" (that old term is proof of how long we've been trying). My own beginner's luck happened in Monte Carlo in 1976, when I put a quarter in a machine and got $30.00 in francs back. Could 1976's $30 be possibly comparable to 2009's $1000? Uh, no.

After getting just 2 hours of sleep the first night, we dragged ourselves from the Fremont to Main Street's casino to participate in the Waimea 67's class reunion slot tournament. We all had fun mindlessly clicking away for two sessions. I was surprised that Jordan seemed to get bad machines for both sessions and her score was the lowest in our row both times. Well, surprise surprise: She won $40 because not only was her score the lowest in our row, her score was the lowest both sessions in the whole tournament! We had a big laugh because Jordan was even lucky in her unluckiness!

Jordan had other smaller wins throughout the week, but unfortunately her parents--especially her mom--had larger losses. She did carry us the first few days, but alas, our weight overcame her finally *LOL*

On Saturday, October 10, Jordan and I went to the much-anticipated Mariah Carey concert at the Palms. The Pearl Theater is a "small" venue and our front row balcony seats were perfectly unobscured, yet not ridiculously far from the stage. The "bargain" camera I bought online at Sam's Club served me quite well: $179 plus shipping for an Olympus Stylus which features 12 megapixels and best of all, a 7X zoom all in a very slim and lightweight body!

It's very puzzling to me why theater security personnel bother to approach audience members before the show to remind them that photos are not allowed during the program. They don't say "flash photos" it's just "photos" period. Then as the show begins, they announce this same warning over the PA and it's frankly hilarious because even as they're announcing this, you can see a sea of camera's glowing in the darkened theater and flashes going off as Mariah makes her "Imperfect Angel" descent onto the stage.

Although we were disappointed that Mariah didn't do "Vision of Love" (Jordan's favorite) or much of her older material, she put on a wonderful and entertaining show and sounded excellent. It was an energy-charged experience that we were thrilled to be a part of. Having bought our tickets during the fanclub pre-sale, we were sitting with true fans and it's fun to witness their loyalty and excitement.

More later about Terry Fator's show, but I have to get some WORK done. Here are a few photos from the concert:

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