Sunday, May 17, 2009

Printer Kauai Sis

Although my life is basically boring, there are times I think it would make a great sitcom. Things happen that are often extremely amusing and/or ironic that I wonder if I'm a puppet of some wiseass screenwriter "up there".

Today I spent an hour composing a letter to a friend. She's one of a couple of friends I have who stubbornly refuse to email. She's also one of my closest friends-- although not physically since she lives on another island--so I'm determined to keep connected. As usual, at the end of the letter I begged her to start emailing since I KNOW she has email at work and has no restrictions against it. I wrote, and I quote: "....when are you going to let me email you? You have no idea how much effort this is to write this I gotta go plug into the printer, get a piece of paper, print...find an envelope and stamp..go out to the mailbox. OMIGOD so much work!"

So I then unplug my laptop and resignedly trudge over to the printer in another room. Plug in the printer into the power strip, plug the printer into the laptop, and get out some paper. Brilliant me, I thought TO SAVE PAPER, I'll select "print on both sides." What a joke.

After it printed on one side, it stopped and I couldn't figure out how to get the second page to print. I'll save you the boredom of reading the play-by-play and just say that I ended up restarting the laptop 2 times, changing the ink cartridge, and using 4 sheets of paper instead of one. It took me over 30 minutes.

And I hadn't even looked for an envelope and stamp yet!!!

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