Thursday, August 28, 2008

Age-Activated Attention Deficit Disorder

I was in Honolulu for a week. I was planning to take my laptop with me, but the crazy last-minute-packing day found me with a sore back so the thought of lugging that not-so-light laptop was not appealing...not to mention I couldn't find the carrying case. It seems I'm forever looking for things these days.

My Maui friend Karen made my day today. She sent me a funny forwarded email. Ordinarily I don't care for forwarded emails, especially the mushy/threatening type (oh please forward this sentimental loving message to 10 friends OR ELSE YOU WILL HAVE TEN YEARS OF BAD LUCK, YOU SELFISH OAF!). Karen, however, can be counted on to forward only the FUNNIEST or most informative of forwarded emails. Today's email made me feel NORMAL. I could've written it! The following is a shortened Colleen version of the forwarded email entitled "Age-Activated Attention Deficit Disorder":

I'm packing for Honolulu. "Vitamins!" I remember. I head for the kitchen to pack up a week's supply of vitamins. I have two dozen different bottles of supplements to go through. Before I begin, I realize that I'm running low on calcium, tumeric and COQ10. I can't order it while I'm away, so I have to do it NOW before I forget. I go to the computer to order it online from Swanson (GREAT company!). As soon as I turn on the computer, I hear the email alert. A friend in Honolulu is emailing to ask about getting together for dinner. Hmmm, I'd better phone my mom FIRST to ask her plans before I make dinner plans. I phone her, she reminds me to take her some Miracle Soap. I go to my boxes of soap. Running out of soap! I'll have to order more before I go to Honolulu because it takes a month to get here! I'd better make a list. Where's the pen? Oh, there's one on the diningroom table. I go to the diningroom and see the mess of newspapers on the table. Oh hey, I forgot to read the Garden Island this morning. I sit down to read. The first article I read mentions Hawaiian Airlines. Omigod! I should be packing! Now where was I?

As I said, that's a SHORTENED version. The real version lasts all day and thus explains why it takes me all day to pack. AND--I'm not making this up--explains why while unpacking in Honolulu, I looked in my carryon bag and was shocked to find that I'd inadvertently packed our cordless phone from Kauai! WHAT THE...?!?!

Swanson has both Gingko Biloba and Bacopa Monnieri--great supplements for brain/memory support. Which reminds me, I never did put in that Swanson order!

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  1. Okay, Ms. "mental-pause." I can relate to your dilemma in a big way. Have a great rest of this week. Much love and aloha from the Rocky Mountains, home of the 2008 DNCC, Colorado Chaz


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