Tuesday, August 12, 2008

ESP Must Need Vitamins

I've been having a dry spell. I haven't had a "coincidence or not?" moment in a couple of months. I won't go so far as to claim I have ESP, but a couple of years ago I started to write down some "coincidence or not?" moments. I do believe in the "paranormal" and you have to admit that there are forces in nature that we have not yet defined, much less understand. Here are a few of my interesting moments from the past 3-4 years:
  • My husband was mowing the grass on the easement between our yard and the street. I crossed the street to check the mail and because the grass by the mailboxes was long, thought "He should mow over here by the mailboxes!" Then I thought "Well why would he do that, he'd never cross the street to mow! Crazy!" That night on the way home from a party he said "I mowed by the mailboxes today!" That was the first time he ever did that.
  • After almost FIVE YEARS of wearing braces, Jordan's braces were supposed to come off very soon. The day she was scheduled to visit the orthodontist, I thought to myself "Even though it took almost 5 years, at least we were lucky she didn't have to wear headgear or rubberbands." When Jordan came home that afternoon, not only did she still have her braces on, she had on RUBBERBANDS!!
  • On a visit to Honolulu my husband and I had a conversation about Woolworth's Waikiki where I was an assistant manager almost 30 years ago. Although I had worked with about a dozen other managers, the first "I wonder what happened to..." that I thought of was Cornell Lam. I'm not sure why since I hadn't been any closer to him than the others. Well just a couple of days later, we went to Ross, one of our favorite Honolulu stores which we always shop at. I was on my way out after paying and noticed a free-standing sign near the door saying "Store Manager: Cornell Lam".
  • We went to Mini Garden Chinese restaurant on another trip to Honolulu. I was hanging my purse on the chair back and thought "I'd better zip it closed in case the waitress spills food on it". I don't recall thinking like that before. Well before our food arrived, a waitress dropped a milky drink behind me which splashed on me.
  • On the ABC news show "20/20" they featured a story on Dubai and how the city is developing in such an ostentacious fashion. They showed workers who were virtually slaves from other countries. I thought to myself "I should write to Essar to warn him against going to work in Dubai." Essar is an internet friend of mine from Pakistan who talked about wanting to emigrate somewhere (he never mentioned Dubai). The very next day I checked my email and found he'd written me a couple of days ago saying he was living now IN DUBAI and enjoying being in a new environment. Happily, he was employed by the same employer he'd been working for in Pakistan (TV company).
Now before you think that I'm able to ask for things and they happen, fuggedaboudid! I go to Vegas every year and no amount of imagining myself winning a jackpot has ever paid off!!

I have more stories similar to these that I shall share later. Meanwhile I'll try to think of reasons I haven't had as many of these cool coincidences this year...I may be lacking some essential nutrient (ice cream, I hope)...or maybe not exercising enough?
Right now it's past midnight and time to read my Stephanie Plum!

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