Monday, January 5, 2015

Easy Weight Loss

This is how I lost weight in the past:  I'd get the flu, lose a few pounds then try not to gain it back.  Of course it didn't work in the long run since I somehow reached my highest weight about two years ago. Didn't catch enough flu, I suppose. 

I decided at that point that the extra weight was unacceptable and began going to Zumba classes once a week.  Apparently that was not the answer because I didn't lose weight.  Apparently you have to do at least 2-3 classes a week, especially when you have no intention of foregoing McDonald's frappes or Costco Mocha Lattes.  Then try going to Honolulu 4-5 times a year and passing up dim sum at Happy Days Restaurant or Likelike's vanilla shakes.  And why even bother sitting on planes for 20 hours and flying 8000 miles to go to Paris if you intend to only look in the patisserie windows? I refuse to DIE(T). 

So here's whom I think I have to thank for helping me to lose the weight: Cave Men (and Ladies)...and Dr. Mercola's email writer...and Dr. Mercola.

No, I'm not on the Paleo Diet or any diet--see above--but I get emails from the Mercola website with subject lines that are often irresistible such as "IS THIS IQ-DESTROYING HEALTH BOMB SITTING IN YOUR LIVINGROOM?"   Holy Torpedo!!  Or "TREAT THIS ORGAN LIKE ROYALTY, IT CAN DETER CANCER!" Who can NOT click on that??  Well one day the subject line was equally riveting--although I can't recall what exactly it was--landed in my email box.  It was probably something like "THIS NEAT TRICK OF CAVEMEN CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE!"

Dr. Mercola has posted numerous articles on healthy practices borrowed from our first ancestors and to keep this short, this is what I believe helped me the most:

1) Intermittent fasting.  Click here to read the article.  Evidently our cavemen ancestors did not wake up, eat cornflakes and milk, then go out to hunt, so why should we?  Instead we should skip breakfast and wait until 11 a.m. Make sure to "break fast" with a protein rather than a cereal or carb.  In other words, I'll eat an egg, sometimes with a little brown rice and even some breakfast meat if Leonard's doing the preparing.  The key is to quit the daily toast or bowl of cereal, even if it seems healthy.  Next, Mr Caveman did not waste precious fuel for dining at night.  Likewise we should be done eating by 7 p.m.  Having our bodies "fast" for 16 hours does wonders for our metabolism and we start to burn fat rather than sugar. 


This was very simple and effortless for me.  I rarely feel hungry before 11 a.m. now, and it wasn't very difficult at the beginning.  I suggest you try it even if the first few times you feel hungry.  Your body should adjust to this new routine quite easily since it's in our genes!  I know it seems to go against all we hear in the media about breakfast being the most important meal of the day.  Well sure "break fast" doesn't have to happen in the morning.  Read the article for the full explanation and for cautions (hypoglycemics, pregnant/nursing women, etc.).

My appetite and cravings have decreased and yet I'm able to enjoy what what I do eat, from vegetables to ice cream.  I've read that both grains and sugar are addictive and that now makes sense to me because the less I eat, it seems the less I crave them.  In the past when I used to eat cereal every morning, I'd crave more carbs all day.

2) Nutribulleting.  I try to prepare a veggie/fruit smoothie at least 4-5 times a week.  I get most of the ingredients ready in the morning, then at 4 p.m. add the rest.  This is the usual blend:

Chia Seeds (1 T.)     Ok, no, it's not only veggies that start with C
Mint leaves (adds to taste!)
Marungay leaves

Frozen blueberries
Frozen banana slices
Frozen broccoli    (Apparently I freeze anything that starts with B!?)
Power greens (I keep some frozen)
Chopped apple
Crushed ice
Add water or coconut water to the Max line

I add the frozen ingredients just before the blending. It's much more pleasant to drink cold!
Coconut water adds a nice sweetness, but I sometimes add liquid Stevia (6-8 drops).  You could add Agave, although it's the less healthy choice (although better than refined sugar).  You can vary the ingredients depending on what you have.  I also use ginger, beets, strawberries, mango, and avocado.  Experiment!

Incidentally, some nutritionists believe vegetables and fruit should not be eaten/drunk together because the two are digested differently, so you may want to research this. 

3) I have not been exercising regularly, I confess, but I recommend this article by Dr. Mercola, because it may surprise you.  In it, he explains how and why short bursts of intense exercise is far more effective than the hour-long sessions we've been taught to be essential.  Instead, he recommends 8 cycles of 30-seconds of intense exercise followed by 90 seconds of rest.  Click here to read article.  Imagine, you're exercising for a total of 4 minutes and resting for 12 minutes! 

4) Kangen Water.  I can't neglect to mention that we have a Kangen Water machine.  Kangen water has been credited for weight loss by some so it is possibly helping me.  However, I've had it for over 2 years and only began losing weight about a year ago.  Same for the Nutribullet.  This is why I credit Intermittent Fasting first.

 I'm happy that I lost 16 pounds in the past 8 months or so...and very easily!  I put back 3 pounds recently when I spent a week in Honolulu for New Year's, eating out every day, but now that I'm home, I'm already losing it again.

And by the way, *knock wood* I also catch fewer colds and flu---which is fantastic since that was my old way of losing weight! 


  1. Wow, good story Colleen. I am glad this has worked for you. You've found a plan that suits your metabolism, so stick with it. Tim Ferriss also professes the concept that you should eat 30 grams of protein within 30 min. of waking up, to lose some weight. Maybe you can mix that in with all that other good nutrition.
    When your energy levels are high - get out and do some high-intensity, short duration exercise, and then you will start putting on some muscle. Hill climbing with breaks seems like a natural choice for you. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks Dan, but hill climbing?!!? If anyone who knows me reads that, they'll be laughing hysterically. But you're right, I really have to exercise because I could use some muscle and my glucose has been high the past couple of years. Happily my last blood test results were much better.


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